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Black-Life-Coaches-no-taglineThe #1 Life Coaching and Personal Development Resource for The Black Community.

The Black Life Coaches Network was established in 2011 by Mrs. Towanna Freeman as a means to increase the visibility of black life coaches to help potential clients find the “coach of their choice.” Today there are over 300 coaching professionals associated with the Black Life Coaches Network. The network includes credentialed, subject matter experts who are nationally known speakers, best-selling authors, management consultants, instructors of higher education, counselors and therapists.


BLC-Life-LogoThe Black Life Coaches Network connects and empowers the Black community to valuable life changing solutions and strategies with practitioners who can deliver just that. The premier website, BLCLife.com and YouTube channel, provides informative, quality self-improvement and wellness information to help people become their best self.  Interested in joining the Network, complete the form found on our site CLICK HERE.


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